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Screen Cracked Overheating

(Topic created: 06-08-2021 04:24 PM)
Galaxy Watch
I have the galaxy watch in rose gold that just got outside of warranty. Last week I realized my watch was not staying on and had taken the watch to look at. Turns out the watch had cracked underneath where the sensor is and apparently my sweat had gotten to it. I had it shipped in hopes for a replacement and was told to pay over $200 in repairs. Obviously I had denied repairs because that price is unreasonable considering I can purchase a new watch the watch 3 model for $249 currently at best buy. Concerned I wasn't the only one, sure enough, I found MULTIPLE forums stating the absolute lack of durability in the sensor glass to the older model watch. Someone with the EXACT same issue was able to get a free replacement due to the obvious design flaws in the watch. I barely wear the watch, and since covid I haven't worn the watch in months, so for it to break *underneath and buffered on my skin, not the top exposed lcd* it just goes to show how bad of a product this is, which shows why it is no longer available. I have a protective tpu bumper on the watch as well as a tempered screen protector and I am barely out of warranty (Feb 2021) so I'm furious that this watch was so expensive and only got a handful of uses out of it just to break at the most UNLIKELY of places. Not to mention the horrible customer service I have received regarding a possible trade-in solution with mixed monetary values from 4 different ecommerce technicians just to be told at the end it is not eligible at all after a long hold. Last tech said "if the TOP screen was cracked" they can accept it despite the website saying top lcd being cracked makes it ineligible. I have TONS of samsung products and just bought a 21 Ultra and now I'm sad to tell anyone how great the customer service is like I used to. This product is NOT built to "military grade" specifications and the team members are not consistent in policies as well as customer service tactics...

Linked is the post that had almost the EXACT same issue and was able to get a free replacement. Support didn't even bother looking into this for me, only insisted I pay for repairs, claiming they do not have access to forums. Hoping to get this rectified here like this member was able to also. 

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