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Seriously!? How do you get Active 2 watch to not drain the battery?

I have the Samsung Galaxy Active 2 5G watch thru Verizon that I just recently purchased. The battery life is the biggest disappointment! I have only had it a little over a month now but wish so badly I hadn't spent my hard earned money (nearly $500) on an overpriced piece of "jewelry" since thats technically all it is because Im unable to use any of the "smart" features for longer than a few hours before the battery is completely drained. The watch doesn't last a whole day and throughout the night without needing to be charged first prior to going to bed so I may use the sleep app feature which was one of the many reasons why I finally decided to purchase this particular brand and model for all of the supposedly amazing features it offered. FYI: this is happening even with me not using any of the apps, features or having Wifi, mobile data, location, etc... turned on thoughout the day. Considering I purchased the 4G version to allow me to actually use it while Im cycling, exercising or when my Note9 is charging so I could still get my calls, texts, listen to music, etc... then its not even worth a 1 star rating! So seriously!? How do you get the watch to not drain the battery in less than a day? For Example: I took my watch off of the charger at 1030am CST yesterday morning and didn't even use the watch all day for i.e. texts, calls, etc... so why by the time I was getting into bed at 900pm it had less than 50% battery left? Which if I were to wear it while sleeping then the battery either already would've been dead by the time I woke up this morning at 530p or only had 5% left 🤬 Nonetheless, I wouldn't even be able to wear it throughout the day to track my activity and/or make/receive calls/texts if needed which totally defeats the purpose of buying this watch in the first place, right? I don't know, maybe I just got lemon... a very expensive lemon 🤦🏼♀️ Regardless, Samsung Customer Support is WORTHLESS & ABSOLUTELY THE WORST I have ever dealt with in my 41 years of life! 

Re: Seriously!? How do you get Active 2 watch to not drain the battery?

I see we're like minded in some regards!

I, too, don't want my phone (was Note 9, now Note 20 5G Ultra) with me while exercising. The LTE version seems to solve the problem as I can use the watch as my phone.

In my case, I started with T-Mobile and the Galaxy Watch (2018). I just got a Watch 3 today, so can't yet speak to it.

While I notice a difference between Bluetooth and LTE, the watch easily lasts for the hour or two I need it in LTE mode. I do switch back to Bluetooth once I'm with my phone again.

I keep the watch in AUTO on/off (Mobile and WIFU) by default. Bluetooth is on by default. Typically the watch is in standalone mode for only an hour or two per day. The watch lasts 2.5 days or so on one charge.

NOTE: A couple of times I tried running it standalone on LTE for a day and the battery lasted a bit less than a day.

Samsung designed these watch (IMHO) to be mostly Bluetooth enabled and for it to be in LTE standalone mode for only a couple to several hours a day - not the entire day (unless you want to charge each day).