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Sleep record

I just got a Galaxy Watch 42mm for mothers day, and am noticing that in the sleep tracker, it records the amount of time I sleep fairly accurately, but the times slept are wrong. I don't see how it would be a time zone issue since the clock is the correct time. I thought it syncs all settings with my galaxy note 9, so I'm not sure why the times would be different on the sleep tracking. I also noticed the same kind of issue when tracking a workout. The total time is right, but the hours worked out are incorrect, but not the same amount off as the sleep record. The sleep record is about seven hours later than I actually sleep (ex. I sleep 9pm to 5am, but the tracker shows I slept 4am to 11am), but the workout trackers are about three hours ahead of actual time. Weird enough that one is off, but both apps being off by different "time zones" (for lack of any better description). Any ideas?? 


Is the clock on the watch correct?

Is the clock on the watch correct?