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Sleep tracker never senses me waking up after software update

(Topic created on: 2/25/21 1:38 PM)
Galaxy Watch

The sleep tracker was one of the main reasons I bought this watch. (First, I bought an Active 2 and then upgraded to a Watch 3, thinking the features would work better... they don't. I have this same issue on both.) It used to be that when I woke up in the morning, picked up my phone, and opened Samsung Health, the top of the screen would say "syncing heart rate data" and then "syncing sleep data". But ever since the big software update a couple months ago, my sleep data no longer syncs, only heart rate. If I scroll down to the sleep section, it says "were you asleep?" and will stay that way - even if I get out of bed and walk around - until I put my phone on the charger. And if I hit yes, then it forces a manual entry with no sleep data. Then when I finally put my phone on the charger, it will suddenly sync my sleep data and I will have a double entry for the day.

No matter what I try, it will not give me sleep data until I put my phone on the charger. Does anyone else have this issue since the software update?

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