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Smart Watches

I was advised by Hyundai, that Samsung's Gear Live smart watch is compatible with their BlueLink app, allowing commands from the watch to the car. However, when I search for this, all I can find are references to Galaxy watches, which I haven't a clue has anything to do with they Gear Live Watches. I already have a A10e smart phone, which I am also needing to be compatible to the watch. Can anyone provide an actual model name for the "Gear Live" product, and advise if all 3 (BlueLink app, watch and A10e) phones are compatible. Additionally, if you have a source where this watch can be ordered from, a link to it would be great. Thanks,

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Smart Watches

We appreciate your question. We can’t speculate on unreleased products or specs. However, stay tuned to our page here, or, for more information about upcoming products, releases, and news. Thanks for being a loyal Samsung fan!

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