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So, my review of the GW4c from an Gear 2/ S3 Frontier Owner

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**disclaimer: All this is based off of my own experience with the S3 Frontier (46mm BT version) and the GW4 Classic (46mm BT version). All results may vary depending on your own individual usage. 

Well, I preordered the GW4c on Aug 12th 2021. Didn't get the device till late Sept. This watch isn't too bad of an upgrade from my S3, but there are good things and bad things but mostly good. 

- Battery is holding up. (for me, 63% with 29hrs remaining)
- Having a better app store is pretty nice.
- Voice to text is a lot better than the S3.
- HRM is 3x faster.
- Can do light swimming with it. (S3 at time of launch was not rated or recommended to swim with)
- Native Flashlight from drop down. (s3 you had to install one)
- Lighter and less bulky than the S3.
- Responsiveness of the OS is 30-50% faster than the S3. 
- Bluetooth doesn't disconnect when crossing arms (covering device with bigger part of your arm).

- Removal of MST.
- OS has some bugs.
 ** Main bug for me is with all gestures off, screen turns off with the slightest downward movement or twist. Had watch sent in and only had a minor component fixed but not software bug. If this bug gets fixed in an update I'll be set and happy. 
 ** Randomly locks
 ** Timer doesn't work properly during a call.
- Timer app has only presets and last 3 timers used instead of custom presets like on Tizen.
- The charge time is a bit higher than the S3 charge Time but not by much.
- Media Control app no longer has the ability to choose what phone app to control.
- Rotating Bezel gets caught on any and all fabric. Since i wear a hoodie or jacket and then at work I wear a labcoat, most notifications (if i manage to view the notification before the bug turns the screen off) get scrolled to reply options when i pull my sleaves back. Gets irritating when using a timer or alarm due to accidental dismissals or cancelations from sleave. The S3 frontier's Bezel didnt have this issue.

All in All I love the watch. Going from a Gear 2 to an S3 Frontier was a bigger step, but its worth it as far as having more of a future with the app store and better OS performance. Don't get me wrong, I loved the S3 and the Tizen ecosystem, but app support was not all there. I will add more info the longer i have the watch and when I come across more.

I hope that this review is helpful to anyone wanting to upgrade from and S3 Frontier. If your still rocking and S3, Awesome!!!

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Just ordered a GW4c as well. And I'm coming from a S3 Frontier as well, so this was helpful thanks!
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I've tried looking online for comparisons between the two but not very many. You are very welcome! Glad this was helpful to you.
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@SaphireArkanius I have a Gear S3 and a GW4. Both are BT models. For me:

  • Similar items:
    • Charge times are same. About 2 hours to fully charge either. 
    • Flashlight -- they both have it natively.
    • Can Swim with either. Both are IP68 rated. 
    • Use the same watch bands. 
  • I haven't encountered any OS bugs on GW4. 
  • Don't really see any difference in OS response times between the 2. 
  • GW4 wins:
    • Native Google messages app is awesome. 
    • Weather app updates faster 
  • Annoying:
    • GW4 lock when it thinks you have take it off and Samsung Pay is configured. 
    • S3 has MST, GW4 does not.
    • Battery life on GW4 is significantly less than the S3. But the S3 has a bigger battery. 
    • DND handled better on S3. 
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Oh! i forgot about that! before i had it looked at, it would randomly lock on my thinking it was taken off as well.
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Ive had the s3 from launch and it didnt have a native app for flashlight (as in from the drop down menu). I had to install one and open the app every time. As for the battery, my S3 deff drains alot faster than my GW4 with all the same settings, but i guess it varies from person to person based on their usage. It only lasts about a day compared to almost 2. wonder if my S3 has a battery issue then because it takes it about 40mins to an hour to charge. Also the S3 was dust and water resistant and not suitable for swimming at the time so i never tried swimming with it so i could be wrong. Thank you for your share of information. It helped me better my own info. Thank you