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Specific Compatibility Requirements for NoN-Samsung Android Phone to Connect to Active 2 Watch

(Topic created: 06-21-2021 08:32 AM)
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Hi there. I have come across a situation with my network carrier Telus.com in Canada. Added an Active 2 watch to my account and I have a non-Samsung Android. The apps for the watch works flawlessly, but the phone is not compatible accordingly to your support staff,  and my service provider, to hook up the LTE.

I asked what the specific requirements that my phone needs for the network on my watch to work, but nobody can answer that question. They keep saying it has to be a Samsung phone, but nothing more than that. I need the specific technical compatibility requirements.


Active 2 Model: SM-R825F

Phone : Huawei P40 4G(ANA-LX4) Android 10

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