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Sudden Battery Life Change

I got a Samsung Active Watch for Christmas and battery has been great for the last 3-4 weeks. Suddenly, the battery barely lasts 6 hours. I used to put it on at 7am and it was still hovering around 50-60% when I charged it at 11pm. Now I have to put it in battery saving mode before I make it home at 6pm. 


I looked at the battery drain statistics and the percentages don't add up to what is actually draining which is surprising. I also haven't changed the watch face or updated any settings. Last software update was on December 15th so it's not a new software update either.


My only thought is that my phone has been on battery save mode recently, not sure how that would affect things.


Re: Sudden Battery Life Change

I have a 44mm Active 2 bluetooth & I've noticed a significant drop in battery usage last night. My watch was at 11% & I put it in sleep mode because I charge the phone in the mornings not overnight. I woke up finding my device was on for only 1 hour after I fell asleep & placing it on the charger it charged for 4 hours till it was 100%. Odd. It use to charge in 1-2 hours. At 100% 4 hours ago now at 63%!?!?


Before the Januarry 12th update I could go 3 days of working out & using the smarthings app multiple times a day before charge. After update. It wont even last half of tomorrow. I say we complain if the ECG functions mess with battery more. This is why I bought the device. Not to beta test samsung batteries.Screenshot_20200116-194846_Watch Active2 Plugin.jpg


Screenshot_20200116-195549_Samsung Health.jpg