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Technically I Should Be Dead...

Since my GW46mm BT was updated to the latest and "greatest" release, all the sensors have been way off.


The heartrate sensor regulalry states my heartrate is around about the 180-210 BPM.  This has always been set to check regularly, not continuous.


When I had a health checkup last week my BPM was recorded by my GP as, at the time, 81 BPM yet the watch said 192 BPM!  And don't get me started on the "Stress" monitor.  It has been at MAX since the update.


According to the Floor Climbed notifications I should be super fit.  I regularly hit 90+ floors climbed daily.  


I climb on average 10-14 floors each day at work - not 90+.


On a less than important issue, but an issue for me none the less is the Sleep Record notications.  They no longer seem to exist.  I have to scroll to the widget to see this whereas before, normally within and hour of waking, I would get an alert outlining my sleep pattern from the night before.


I have performed a Fully Factory reset of the watch twice since the update and still, I should be technically dead according to the readings from the watch.


I do not believe it is the fault of the watch as everything has been working as expected prior to the update.  Unless the update has caused irrevocable damage to the mainboard and\or the sensors, in which case you will have A LOT of warranty claims against you.


So will the be any more updates to repair all of the issues outlined above or is there any way in which to roll back the Tizen version to the previous one where everything worked?