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The Entire Galaxy Watch Series

(Topic created: 09-20-2021 08:08 AM)
Nico Chung
Galaxy Watch

I purchased a galaxy watch 4 in 44mm, and a galaxy watch 4 classic in 46mm. I returned both because they both had dust, finger prints and light scratches on the back casing if you look closely in bright light. Also, the classic had a very deep scratch on the stainless steel which could clearly be seen when removing the wrist strap. I now purchased another classic to be very surprised at Samsungs quality control. It has seemingly more light scratches on the back, finger prints and dust all over it . I examined the watch, and that's all I can find. So, I will be keeping it for now. I have plenty of time to return it.. Samsung being such a premium flagship product that I support never has given me this nightmare of an issue! I am not happy a drop. This is Samsung. I payed over $400 on this watch haha. It's really a joke. If every watch is going to have dust, finger grime, micro scratches and even a really deep one I found on the stainless steel body then Samsung needs to lower the price on these, or recall all of them and redo the whole thing. Or, give everyone a gift certificate compensation. I'm very upset with Samsung. I went out of my way waiting on 3 watches a hassle I'm beginning to regret. I'm really starting to despise samsung. I am about to go apple all the way. Think I'm kidding Samsung? Watch! Galaxy Watch! I want a reply with some redemption for us poor customers.

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