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The back just fell off my Galaxy Watch Active 2

I purchased this watch just over a month ago and now the back has come off, the o-ring is damaged and from what I've been reading, this is a common problem. I would like to have it repaired as it should be under warranty, but the website says I can't mail it in; I have to take it to a repair center. It just won't tell where there is such a repair center or if they are open in the midst of a pandemic. Any assistance would be appreciated.


Re: The back just fell off my Galaxy Watch Active 2

Oh fantasic first the watch starts the over heating issues now this can be a common problem wish they would lowkey start catching on fire as well as falling apart so maybe they will take the issues immediately seriously we don't see this happening with our notes now after the awesome 7 cost Samsung millions in loses and more good with all these problems maybe they will be put together better if they explode like the 7 imagine how quick they would fix the issues then burn your veins while its reading your stress and heart rate lol then explodes and makes people lose there hand then stuff will get properly fixed!!