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The sensors of my samsung galaxy watch active stopped working!

(Topic created: 06-20-2021 09:15 PM)
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A couple of days ago the sensor of my just-over-a-year-old watch stopped working. I performed a diagnostic test and the accelerometer, gyroscopy and altitude sensor are not working. 

I tried doing every single thing suggested in a bunch of these threads and nothing worked - I performed a factory reset on the watch; uninstalled and installed both the wearable watch and Samsung health apps; switched watch faces; changed battery optimization settings; tried various workout auto-detection settings; and nothing worked.

I am very disappointed because I have had the watch for barely 14 months and I've really tried to take care of it and then, one day, I turned it on and the sensors had stopped working. Given the diagnostic results, I am guessing this is a hardware issue, but I'd appreciate a solution here. I was hesitant when I purchased this watch given that there were a lot of negative reviews out there, but I went for it and was very happy with it, until this happened.

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Samsung Moderator
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I understand how frustrating this is. We have received your private message and will follow up with you there.

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