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The switch from Tizen to Wear OS on Galaxy 4 Watch

(Topic created: 05-08-2022 11:47 AM)
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I am an avid user of Samsung products.. 

I currently have the S22 Ultra and it's paired with a Galaxy Watch 3 Classic (46mm). 

 I know the Galaxy watch line starting with the Galaxy watch 4 switched to Wear OS instead of running Tinzen as it's operating system 

This is kind of important:

As a disabled person, I have cerebral Palsy on my right side. I have limited mobility, dexterity and motor skills on my right side..I have always worn my Samsung Galaxy watches on my left wrist to be operated with my right hand (disabled side) 

(I already wear an Apple watch on my right wrist, so switching wrists isn't an ideal solution for me. Though I tried it with the Galaxy 4 watch (44mm).

Here's the problem I'm facing, and I don't believe I'm the only one, or will be ....

With Tinzen I can operate the Galaxy 3 Watch reliably and without much issue. It accepts and responds to my inputs. It's a great time saver and helps me streamline my day. 

I recently bought the Galaxy Watch 4 (44mm) but due to the switch to Wear OS, I could no longer operate the watch on the go... Wear OS was counter intuitive and it just didn't respond to most of my inputs. I use voice for a lot, but I can't nor do I want or need to use it for everything.

I am utterly disappointed in the switch to Wear OS. I feel like the Galaxy Watch 3 Classic may very well be my last Samsung Smartwatch. 


I'm asking the devs: please consider leaving one model of watches going forward running Tinzen or work with actual disabled people going forward to help sort out these issues. 


While I do have an Apple series 6 watch, I still would like the opportunity to use and enjoy the latest Samsung Smartwatch to go with my Samsung phone(s). 

I can't be the only person that's suddenly had serious issues with usability after the OS switch. 

I've also reached out to Google to see if they have any interest in working on this issue...


But it would be really sad to see a lot of people unable or frustrated by the inability to use Samsung Galaxy watches because of these issues. I tried every accessibility setting, I even tried switching wrists. As the Galaxy 4 watch comes in the box, it doesn't fit my wrist correctly.. Now I've bought smaller custom wrist bands for both my Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Classic and my Apple one, but if I don't feel comfortable with the software and it's ability to respond to my inputs and not become a constant exercise in futility, why would I invest even more money in a smaller strap?


Please consider this issue. I can't be the only one that has it. There's many many people in this world with neurological & musculoskeletal issues and I am happy to help in any way I can going forward. 

It's definitely a problem and I had to send the watch back after 2 days of frustration.. I'm fairly tech proficient and used to be a tester on XDA. I've even compiled ROMs back in the day.


So it's not like I have no idea what I'm doing here 


Thank you for reading and hopefully reaching out. 



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thank you for posting this! seriously! I hope you get some resolution that works for you. I'm terribly hard of hearing. I understand what you mean when you say that you know what you're doing. blessings
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I agree completely and am in the same boat as the original poster and looking likely that I'll return this watch and cross my fingers that the Galaxy 5 Classic or Classic Pro will fix some of these issues BUT not holding my breath as many of these items could simply be solved via software updates. For one... Why the **bleep** would samsung reverse the hardware buttons? Second, battery life is atrocious and not being able to set a baseline due the brightness and then have the auto dim /brightness brighten in low or bright light is sorely needed to help this problem, not to mention a better functioning way of turning the LTE radio on and off as needed, again, to help the battery life. Finally, the Google integration is ridiculous. To have samsung's own Bixby be the voice control is just beyond comprehension. Obviously, if one is embedded and using Assistant and other Google management, search, etc, then give us the ability of defaulting to that system otherwise, what the **bleep** was the point of the Google Wear & Samsung working together on this product. This seems like a pointless not-really-an-upgraded product. The flow and ease of use of this product was definitely not planned out with existing Samsung watch users in mind... Just trying to pull over Google Wear users. What a sad affair.
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Thank you for reaching out. We appreciate the feedback from our members and will forward this accordingly. Please don't hesitate to reach back out in the future if you need any further assistance.