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This ever happen with your watch battery? Do this...

Normally I charge the watch at home on a dock, before I go to work. Sometimes I forget to charge it, and I'll take the charging dock with me to work. Something happens when I use the outlets at work to charge the battery. The battery starts draining fast. This will happen a couple more times, as I'm back home charging it, until it returns back to normal. 


The battery is not dying...I figured out that using an outlet from another source other than my home, gets the battery "drunk" for the next couple of charges, even if I'm back home. REBOOTING the watch seems to erase the drunkeness, and return the battery back to normal. 


When the battery is in the drunken state, from a foreign outlet charge, you can go from 100% to 80 in a matter of a half hour...the battery is on life support by the time youre ready to go home. Before I figured out the reboot, I was using battery saving mode, during drunk phases, but even wasn't saving drainage. The battery was charged over four hours ago, and its at 88%. So I know its back to normal Smiley Happy.


So don't worry, you plugged the charger into a new outlet source, and the battery got drunk Smiley Happy. Just reboot, and it should be fine.