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Unable to get reactivation lock removed from Gear S3 classic

(Topic created: 05-12-2022 05:07 AM)
Galaxy Watch

Here's the issue- I purchased the S3 Gear classic, it was originally paired to a Galaxy A51(yet another garbage item by Samsung). The screen had cracked for a third time in less then a year even with a case but this time the screen also blacked out completely. Instead of spending yet ANOTHER $250 to repair the phone, I purchased the S22. Now trying to pair this watch with my new S22 it will not get past the reactivation lock. The S3 Gear is still under warranty and has been sent into Samsung repair center twice, being sent back both times without the reactivation lock removed. I've sent in all documentation proving ownership but because my receipts do not have the IMEI number included in them, Samsung refuses to unlock this watch after speaking with customer support several times, totaling almost 17 hours in total between texts and actual phone calls telling me they had everything needed to go ahead with the repair. I'm now stuck with a worthless watch I can do nothing with. After this experience, I think it's time to go with Apple

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