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Unlock Galaxy Watch 4 for Whole Samsung's and Google's Ecosystem - Let users decide which to use

(Topic created: 11-14-2021 06:14 AM)
Galaxy Watch

Being a fan of Samsung, These issues with Samsung Watch 4 makes me think I made a mistake buying the watch. I'm eagerly waiting for Samsung to rollout updates to the loyal customers.  This watch makes no reasonable benefit to me without these.

"THE ONLY REASON I CHOOSE GALAXY WATCH 4 - IS BECAUSE IT RUNS ON Google Wear OS 3" Now that turns out to false to some extend

1. When will Galaxy Watch 4 Gets Google Assistant? - ZI often use Google Assistant to check my mails, find photos from Google Photos etc.. which Bixby can't do. I'm fed up with it.

2. When can Galaxy Watch 4 support ECG in India? - Waiting for it still...

3. Although the device runs on Wear OS, Why can't we take much of it's advantage. I love to use a OnePlus smartphone but I'm sick of there useless watch. But I love Galaxy watch. Most of the features of Galaxy watch isn't available to other Android devices. That's greedy I felt.

4. Why not Google Pay? - I didn't get a feeling that the device is WearOS with limiting Google's support. Let Samsung apps and Google apps coexist. That's what people need.

Anyways any updates on these Samsung?

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Cosmic Ray
Galaxy Watch
I agree with this. Samsung is in a unique position to become the apple of smart watches. With a more open ecosystem compatibility it would mean more people using all Android phone brand using Samsung watches, and then thanks to the exposure, and seemeless earbud connectivity to the Galaxy buds a Samsung phone would be the obvious next purchase for almost any user.

When you make all of your products to die for, stand alone, image what that do together, becomes a natural thought.