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Update issues

(Topic created on: 3/5/21 9:55 AM)
Galaxy Watch

Peice of shit update messed up my battery on sm-800 was constantly  draining my battery I followed  the steps to correct the issue nothing worked and was forced to reset now won't connect to the galaxy Wearable app on my s20+ I called for support was told I'm  out of luck cause my warranty is out of date now I'm stuck with nothing because they want to update the software and crash it then force me to buy a new one. I'm really thinking of Apple as my go to company from now on. My wife never has these issues with her iphone 6s watch series 1 phone or airpods and they work seamlessly I Can't Wait For the IPhone 13 SAMSUNG 

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Galaxy Watch
Piece not Peice. Rule of thumb: 'I' before 'E' except after 'C' (in most cases There are few exceptions). Hope you find the solution. I always read what the update is supposed to do first then wait for the reviews. Sometimes the update doesn't do anything that's beneficial to most.