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Updated damaged my galaxy S3 Frontier

(Topic created on: 2/4/21 11:28 AM)
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I Updated my galaxy S3 Frontier now all the sensors have stopped working I have reset it several times turned it of for over an hour although I dont know what possible good that would do but it didn't work just like I imagined no surprise there I have cleared all data but nothing works and no it's not a hardware problem after wearing the watch for about a month from brand new I put the watch away for nearly a year fully charged and turned off as I have been wearing other watches in my collection after taking it out to wear it for the second time I fully charged it again before wearing it and updated the software as it told me there was an update so I updated it now the sensors dont work it's not funny Samsung £300 for a watch that works fine for just over a month of wear out of it for you to damage it with your faulty updates. Is this a ploy to simply get people to buy another to make money because if so that simply will not happen if you do not sort this problem out for me Samsung I will never buy another item from you again and go back to being an apple user I am now ready for an update on my galaxy note 8 phone to but that won't be happening if this it's not fixed its absolutely outrageous and I am furious spending all that money to be given a faulty update that damages a £300 watch. It might not be much to a firm like yours but I certainly cant afford to pay that much simply for just over a months wear. Please advise me Samsung. 

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