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Using and ending cursor scan on galaxy watch 6

(Topic created: 02-03-2024 10:26 PM)
Galaxy Watch

I am using Cursor scan, is there an easy quick way to end/stop Cursor scan?

Current I am using shake to start gestures, fist to next item, pinch to tap and then double pinch to call up the action menu.

I added “change scan meth” to action menu favorites and then tap this on the action item to start cursor scan.

 I can then position the cursor to the item I want and let cursor scan to time select it.  I think pinch/tap still works.

Once this is done, how do I end cursor scan quickly?

the only way I able to do it was call up the action menu (which is now different), go to pause cursor scan, which calls up another different action menu and then I go to “end cursor scan”

in my opinion, end cursor scan should be on the same action menu as pause cursor scan.

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