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Vonage seizing media player

(Topic created: 05-18-2022 02:32 PM)
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i have vonage app which forwards call to cell . G4 watch not playing nice with and will not release vonage as the active app on phone so when playing music etc. can't use controls. I've told vonage app not to communicate with remote devices and by opening closing or calling myself I can sometimes shake this control. Have also reset watch all to no avail.  Did not have this problem with G2Active and media control is one of my biggest uses rendering this G4 a big bust at the moment. In windows parlance it seems the OS is not letting go of an instance or a handle, or an object wasn't destructed. The error was introduced the first time a vonage call came in emulated on phone.

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a bit too technical for me... 😕

but it sounds like it could be the app side's issue??? maybe reach out to Vonage app devs or owners?