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Wach won't sync calendar or email out of work profile.



Did anyone solve this issue as with work profile? I'm not able to sync the watch with work email or work calendar. This are not even on the list of apps to add. Only item out of work profile is chrome, nothing else.


Sync doesn't even work on private profile. With added work email, it won't show the appointments just on the work calendar.


I hope there will be soon a fix and the work profile apps will be also available to add into the watch and sync with private calendar and email.

I want to be able to see work emails and appointments on my watch, that is the purpose of most of the users...




Re: Wach won't sync calendar or email out of work profile.

I solved this issue on my S10+ with Samsung Galaxy Watch. I replied to a previous question about this. That thread still shows up in Google search but when I go to it, it says I don't have sufficient permissions as though Samsung is purposely hiding my answer. If you have a Samsung phone, go to Settings/Work Profile/Notifications and Data/Show Notification Content (both to turn that on and go into that menu/enable specific work apps.


If you don't have a Samsung phone, I can't find a way to get this to work, rendering the Galaxy Watch useless for my most important use cases.