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Wake on Gesture not staying awake

In the recent software update, it seems that with the Wake on Gesture feature, the watch is not obeying the screen time-out rules. I set my screen for 30 seconds, 1 minute, and even 5 minutes. When the watch wakes on gesture, the screen turns off after 5 seconds. But if I wake on screen tap, bezel rotation, or button press, then the time-out rules are followed. 


I tested this on the Galaxy Watch original as well and it's the same problem. 


Re: Wake on Gesture not staying awake

This is how it has been working, at least since the launch of GW.

There is a work-around available:

I use a Watchmaker watch face, and a feature in that application is the possibility to (on the watch) switch between the default behaviour and a "geasture time-out" of 15,30,45 or 60 seconds.

A difference to "default" when using the longer times is that an "OFF geasture" is ignored. It always stays awake during the set time after a wake up gesture. The Samsung On-time setting is used when woken by buttons or bezel. 



Re: Wake on Gesture not staying awake

This is an EXCELLENT find, I have been struggling with this for days, thank you!!  @samsung needs to make this a default option for the gesture in the settings of the base configuration!!