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Wake up gestures not working on my Samsung galaxy watch.

I have been  using my new galaxy  watch  with  my new galaxy phone s10+ and having  success  with the wake up gestures  by moving my  wrist. For over a month no problem  then last few days realized that  the  wake up gestures  on my watch stop working.  Read  over several  similar problems from Samsung post and  tried there resolutions with no success then by chance my phones scheduled  do not disturb had shut off but now the wakeup  gestures began working again.  I was stund and surprized ofcourse about the results so I tested my theory several times back and forth by turning on and then off the DND or Do not Disturb on my phone and it worked!! By turning  back on the  DND or Do not Disturb on my Galaxy phone it was stopping  the function  of the Wake up Gestures  on my watch. My phone is set on schedule during the day for DND that's the time I realized that the wake up gestures  stopped  working  on my new galaxy watch but when  I turn off the DND on my phone  the wake up gestures  worked just fine. I believe  I have solved  my problem  with this and hopefully  helped  anyone else that has similar issues.  Please  reply if you find this works for yourself and goodluck!!