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Warranty issues big waste of money

I have been a Samsung customer for years.  I mean years. And I was so excited to get the watch. I paid 300 for the thing. The back button quit working to stop workouts.  And the cover fell off. I sent it for warranty repair and they send me a bill for 264.00. Ridiculous  I have read all over that they do this to people. They do not stand behind  their warranty. Don't care if you bought their products for 13 years. They make it your fault. They are terrible. I am so upset.  Now I pay for a product alone can't  use. Do not buy their watch. Buy outside warranty because they will not honor it. Middle of a pandemic and these people do  not stand by their product. What a terrible  company. I am putting this all over the internet.  And telling t mobile not to sell ther watch. They care nothing about you.