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Warranty voided by known fault

I just got off the call with Samsung service centre. $350 to repair a known fault!!!! The heart rate sensor had cracked when overheating and water had made its way inside the unit. Its supposed to be waterproof! According to Samsung, this invalidates the warranty. A fault, which they knew about, as described above, has caused water to ingress into the unit. As a proud owner of an s10 and galaxy buds, I expect quality. I expected this with the watch. The water damage was caused by the crack which is a known unit fault caused by overheating (mentioned in other posts). If it had been the front screen I would be more than happy to take the blame. It was not, its a manufacturing fault causing the slightest of hairline cracks, which I didnt notice and carried on my day.  To say I am dissapointed is an understatement. The service department, the service center and the case management center were not interested in negotiating the price down. I told them to return the unit immediately. I will not be held to ransom for a fault caused by substandard equipment. This is a disgrace. When it is well documented above in other posts, surely they should be more accommodating. Absolute disgrace. I have now received the watch back and can't even sell it. Even if I did, I can buy a new one for $150, which I won't. I loved the watch but this has soured my opinion of samsung.