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Warranty worthless

Had my Active2 watch for only a few months and used it to track my runs. Never under water or even in the shower. A few days ago my touch display stopped responding and I had to send the watch in for a repair under warranty. Turns out they declined the warranty repair due to the fact that they found corrosion!? In a brand new watch that is supposed to be water resistant up to 50m?  Attached was a repair bill of about the price for a new watch.

According to my research this seems to be a very common issue and many people have had the same experience. Absolutely unacceptable and disappointing. Terrible customer service.



Re: Warranty worthless

I bought my Active 2 on May 28. For a couple reasons, one being that I wanted a good watch from a good company I knew and believed I could trust. And I wanted a watch I could get in my small above ground pool with. The Active 2 is rated water resistant to a depth of 50 meters. That's 164 feet deep. For 10 minutes. That's 4 maybe 5 atmospheres of pressure. Not 6 weeks later the watch began to glitch and the battery overheated. Samsung told me that I must have used it deeper than 50 meters. I attempted to speak with a supervisor for 4 days in a row; finally speaking with a case manager who repeated the same statement I originally heard from the technician. Major water damage to the mother board and I need to pay another $210 for the repair. Really? All that floating in a pool. It's obviously a case of manufacturing defect. It makes no sense how a device that can withstand such extreme pressure can be damaged so easily, so soon and by so many people who have this same problem. I believe that is why Samsung voids water damage as protocol without any corroborating evidence and with no input from the customer. That was the first and last time I buy anything from a large tech company that pushes inferior products.