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Watch 3 back button is different, watch faces missing after Nov 27 21 update

(Topic created: 12-01-2021 09:21 AM)
Galaxy Watch

After the November 2021 update forced upon me by Samsung, my watch no longer functions as it did before.  The back button became disabled.  Samsung Pay started popping up on the watch face at frequent and random times, even if I am not wearing the watch.  Even in Goodnight Mode.  

I deleted the Samsung Pay app hoping it would stop the constant popups, but now I keep getting a nag to install Samsung Pay.  What if I never wanted to use that payment method when I bought this watch?

Now, a few days later, after a requested (by Samsung Tech support) full backup/reset & restore, my watch faces have disappeared from the watch, replaced with some unwanted default face.  My back button is now responsive, but the only thing it does is present Samsung pay tutorial terminating with "start Samsung Pay" which I do not want to do.  The back button is useless, so I hit the power button and it now serves as an ersatz back button at times, as well as the power button too.

This is not the watch behavior I am used to, nor want.  I am 2 months out of warranty for a watch I paid $400 for, and now sells for less than $200 used, and a bit over $200 new. 

I am thinking about dumping Samsung for an Apple phone and watch.

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