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Watch 3 firmware update?

(Topic created on: 1/8/21 8:14 AM)
Galaxy Watch

I'm wondering if any of the Samsung pro's, or super geeks have heard any rumors of a software, or hardware update in the near future?  Reason I'm asking, is that compared to my previous Apple watch, the heart rate on the Watch 3 I have cuts out at random times during the day.  Not for long, maybe only for a few minutes, but the non logging can throw the average heart rate for the day quite off.  Not to mention the massive drops during exercise.

This isn't something unique to the specific watch I own, I've had 3 (Yes, I'm a slow learner) separate Galaxy Watch 3's, and two Active 2's, all of which have done the same thing.  This is either software or hardware.

Also, it would really be nice to implement "all day" SpO2 monitoring, to recognize patterns, especially in these "Days of COVID".  If Samsung would implement these two features, it would blow the Apple Watch away, hence the initial question.. more or less, "When will we see these"?


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