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Watch 3 reminders doesnt sync with Microsoft To do

(Topic created on: 3/21/21 3:11 AM)
Galaxy Watch

Just got a new watch  and cannot get reminders to sync with to do.  I can see to do tab in reminder app on phone. In settings in has my exchange account and sync is on. I've tried removing the account and putting it back. I have tried deleting permissions on Microsoft website.  

Weirdly I've see posts saying to click in the app   "Make sure you set To Do as your default list so reminders created from outside the Samsung reminder app (like reminders from calls or Bixby) are synced with To Do. To do that, open the Samsung reminder app's settings > Save Reminders from other apps to Microsoft To Do."  However I don't see this option in my settings in reminder on the phone? 

If I add a reminder on my watch in the phone app it appears under reminders, but assume I need to to be created in the to do tab?  so i have reminders syncing between watch and phone and to do syncing between phone (samsung app) and outlook online. However this is completely useless as not flowing directly from watch to online.


so much for seamless integration!!! Any clues appreciated


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