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Watch 4 Classic Kia UVO App

(Topic created: 09-15-2021 03:58 PM)
Galaxy Watch

I am finding the app selection pretty unimpressive considering all of the Wear hype.. that said, I was excited to see the Kia UVO app.  I have a late model Kia with UVO allowing me to remotely see the car on my phone.  Unfortunately the app doesn't work, is anyone else having this issue?  You can launch it, the first time it tells you to login to the app on the phone.  It doesn't do anything after you follow those instructions.  Trying to launch it again just causes it to spin for a second and drop back to the apps screen.  I have tried reinstalling, restarting the watch, etc.  Nothing.  I would love to see it work because the Watch 4 is a huge disappointment compared to my Watch 3.  Battery life **bleep**, charging **bleep**, apps are not impressive, apps don't actually work if you find something.

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