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Watch 4 Classic. Limited OWNER watch faces to only six.

(Topic created: 11-12-2021 07:22 AM)
Galaxy Watch

The Watch 4 Classic only holds 26 faces on the watch. The factory installed 20 faces that you CANNOT remove. If you add 6 of "your" faces on the watch and add one more, Samsung will remove at random one face.  If you have the app “Facer”, “Mr Time” and “WatchMaker” on your watch that leaves you THREE faces left. Now when you add one more face Samsung will remove the face of one of the app’s you are using. You have to have that face to add a face from that app maker.  Now you have to go through a lot of time to reinstall that app face so you can add a face. This leaves no incentive for people to make new faces to sell. They are just putting people out of a job.  I like my old Gear S3 I had many faces on that watch.

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