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Watch 4 Classic adds steps while cycling

(Topic created: 10-20-2021 04:45 PM)
Galaxy Watch

When using the Cycling workout, the Watch 4 tracks me while I'm on the bike - speed, distance, heart rate, etc. and provides stats when I finish. 

I noticed it also added 2,000+ steps while on a 20 mile ride.

You'd think the step counter would be disabled while in Cycling mode on the fitness app.

Anyone else notice this? 

Rode the bike again tonight using the Cycling workout. This time I wrote down the step count prior to the ride - 4033.

I rode 22 miles and did not get off the bike during the duration of the ride. I finished the ride, ended the Cycling workout then checked my step count - 6646.

So, 2613 steps were added to my step count during my bike ride.  

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