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Watch 4 Feedback

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Cosmic Ray
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I have had a Watch 4 for about a month. It may sound crazy but my primary purpose for buying it and use is the alarm to wake me in the morning.

As I search around the net it is amazing how many people rely on watches for alarms – common reasons are hard of hearing, not wanting to disturb your partner at odd hours, very heavy sleeper, having a familiar reliable alarm when traveling, …

I guarantee you will increase sales 20% vs competitors by prominently mentioning a strong alarm in your feature list. 

The Watch 4 is pretty good. The alarm app is nice. I like the fact that you can add and edit alarms on the watch and set alarms using voice.

A few suggestions I have and have noticed from others:

1. When relying on the alarm excess battery usage is really not a concern. Having a special super strong vibration dedicated for the alarm would be great.

2. In the watch alarm app it's very difficult to shut off the alarm. Having to slide the button up takes too much manual dexterity especially when you are half asleep. A simple "X" on the upper half of the screen to shut off the alarm and a "Z" on the lower half to snooze would be much better.

3. The snooze should be 10 minutes not 5 minutes.


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I find the fact its hard to turn off the alarm, part of its charm.  No chance of me going back to sleep if I have to wake up enough to do the right gesture to turn the alarm off.


Also I have found the Sleep as Android app + companion wear app quite good for Samsung, perhaps you could give that a go.   It has things like a gentle vibration, which increases in intensity the more you ignore it, until the audible alarm goes off on the phone if you continue to ignore it.

It even has a feature to monitor your sleep and adjust the wake up time within a configured period to a time when you are not in deep sleep.

I don't use this last feature, but others I am sure find it very useful