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Watch 5 44mm White Paste Leaking from Bezel, Battery Issue?

(Topic created: 09-27-2022 01:20 PM)
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This has happened 4 or 5 times now, see picture below, and I have seen reports of it on multiple other forum sites. It just randomly starts leaking this white pasty substance. Samsung refuses to do anything about this and says nothing is wrong with it when people have sent it in for repair.

My best guess is that it is a leaky lithium ion battery. 

I have owned my watch less than 30 days and they refuse to replace it or fix it! If this has happened to you, please bring attention to this issue. This can't be safe! I am going to send this out to all major blogs and tech publications to hopefully get ahead of this issue before someone is harmed!

20220927-131010 (1).jpg

20220927-131010 (1).jpg

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Community Manager
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Hello Steven, We understand how concerning the white paste around the bezel is. The watch will need to be shipped in for service. We will be happy to set up a service ticket for you. Please send a private message with the following information:


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