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Watch 5 Sport/Pro improvements/suggestions

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I posted this before, but I cannot find it anywhere (see my post about improving these forums to a 1990s level of quality. I also had some weird "mismatch" error before making this post that stopped me from posting).

Copied and pasted from document:

Wear suggestions
Have search function for apps or add subtitles to icons

Have feedback submission for watch in settings menu

Ability to make own watch face (people will LOVE THIS). Make available the color used for the gold watch pro color for all watch faces; it matches the watch

Let clock app adjust snooze durations from first "set alarm screen". Perhaps this is better the way it is now, but when I went into the app to adjust this I assumed it didn't have the option because it brought up the time adjustment screen, then I had to click next to see the snooze duration. I understand that on watches it's important to not bombard the users with too much at once due to the small screen size, so use your judgement I guess (but do test to see if my method works better)

I would like it very much if the sleep tracker could combine with my alarm and wake me up as close to my alarm time when I go into a light sleep cycle, so I'm waking up in the proper cycle (I think it's better to wake up during this cycle instead of a rem or deep sleep cycle, right? If not, you all should put that info in the sleep coaching info)

Allow connecting to wifi without phone. Is there a reason this doesn't work? I can't image one. In general, you should enable as much functionality as possible on the watch. I don't always carry my phone with me.

The sleep recorder is sometimes taking long periods of time after I wake up (an hour today for example) and is counting it as sleep time where I was awake. I saw a way to edit records before but now when I press edit in the overflow menu

The Google assistant stutters sometimes. Bixby needs to copy the assumed usage that Google assistant does; it makes it much more useful on a watch. Also the Samsung keyboard? Just copy what Google did exactly and go from there (Google keyboard needs improvement too)

Samsung Calendar suggestions (phone app and watch)

Make a way to dismiss the calendar events on the phone lock screen without snoozing them. It should always work this way
If the calendar app worked like the OLD google calendar where events would stay in my notification pane until I dismissed them (or make an option in the event creation screen to have them dismiss themselves after the end of event time) I would use Samsung Calendar instead of Google calendar. There is a serious opportunity to capitalize on googles neglected and lackluster software right now. I stopped using Google search in 2014 and never looked back. Gmail is now allowing political emails past it's spam filter on purpose, according to their blog, so a new email service would be desirable (proton mail is well on their way to providing these services, so hurry!)

A13 Phone wide suggestions

Add a search button to the buttons at the bottom of the screen, like phones had prior to ice cream sandwich. This brings up the search function in the active app or allows general search on the home screen, which makes accessing things really fast. It would be really funny do best Google's vanilla operating system with this feature, and with all the problems they're having with programmers and their software it will be funny to watch them not even be able to complete

Make an option to cast the screen in the notification pane's buttons

Why do calls' vibration not stop when I press the volume button (which usually silences the ringtone and vibration). This is extremely annoying and distruptive. Has this really been how Samsung phones operated all these years?

The built in android notification system's custom settings don't work properly. If you turn off notifications while a call is coming through, it removes the ability to decline the call and it vibrates forever. I have seen these options in android notifications for many years and this is the first time I've used them and they don't even function properly. How is google so bad at everything software now (I'm seriously asking if anyone knows why) ? Samsung, please fix this.

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My head hurts from reading your post. I hope you find some solace.