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Watch 6 Classic: Dismiss/Snooze calendar event reminder via bezel is broken

(Topic created: 02-23-2024 10:54 AM)
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Watch 6 classic, updated to current FW 

When I get a calendar reminder on my watch I am unable to dismiss it via rotating the bezel. Rotating the bezel moves through screens, rather than dismissing or snoozing the reminder as it always did on previous Samsung watches. 

On my previous Samsung watches I could dismiss or snooze calendar reminers:

1. Dismiss: Rotate the bezel clockwise, which would automatically engage the red "X" and cancel the reminder

2. Snooze: Rotate the bezel counter-clockwise, which would automatically engage the "snooze" option 

Below is a calendar event reminder: The screen is static and has no animations or interactivity indicators. If I rotate the bezel it just changes between screens on the watch: 

2024-01-29 12_25_18-Main.png

Below is a countdown timer reminder that illustrates how calendar reminders used to work. The reminder screen has an active animation indicating the bezel rotation option to dismiss or snooze the reminder...below pic shows part of the animation where the white paths for rotating clockwise and counter clockwize animate upwards repeatedly. The calendar reminders used to work this way as well. 

2024-02-17 10_09_03-Main.png

On the Watch 6 the option to dismiss/snooze calendar reminders via the bezel appears to be broken - rotating the bezel when the calendar reminder is displayed simply rotates through screens on the watch, which is maddening. 

The only way to dismiss or snooze the reminder is by using my finger to touch and drag the red X or snooze clock icon to dismiss. Using the bezel is so much easier, and if my hands are wet or dirty I don't want to touch the screen of my watch, I want to use the bezel. 

I called Samsung support to report this issue and the support agent I talked to agreed that it appears to be a defect and said he would submit the issue for resolution to Samsung development team. I would appreciate: 

1. Confirmation that this defect is known and on a list to be fixed in a future FW release 

2. If it isn't a defect, how to re-enable dismissing calendar reminders w/the  bezel. The support agent was unable to find any way to help me do that. 

Appreciate feedback on this. Thanks. 

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Samsung team - been almost a week since this was posted, where are you?

Appreciate a response on whether or not this is a  watch firmware issue and is being tracked to be resolved, or if there is some other reason why the watch is behaving this way. Thank you. 

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So much for help...
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I was hoping for the answer too because my watch 6 won't allow me to dismiss the notification either. No matter how many times I swipe up @usersAEGA932mn can you help us
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Thank you user2ZDoGgPbFk, for your interest in sharing your idea with Samsung. We appreciate your feedback and will tag it on the forum so that it will appear with other feedback, ideas, and requests. This will allow your post to be more easily found in the event that Samsung product groups are seeking outside feedback/requests/ideas regarding our products.

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Galaxy Watch 6 Classic bevel does not dismiss calendar notifications no matter which direction it is truned. Neither button dismisses the calendar notifications. Touch screen does not dismiss google calendar notifications.  No matter what I try the notifications are only snoozed until I dismiss them on phone. 
Donna Marie Craig