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Watch Active 2 Battery Drainage

(Topic created: 10-13-2021 10:43 AM)
Galaxy Watch

I haven't had my watch for 6 months and it is draining the battery like crazy.  I had this issue around the first of September and after an update, it stopped draining with the battery lasting like it did when I first purchased the watch and now it's back to draining.  This thread: https://us.community.samsung.com/t5/Galaxy-Watch/Watch-Active-2-Sudden-Battery-Issues/m-p/1969256#M4... shows that there were similar issues around the first of September.  I haven't added any widgets, apps, etc. to make it drain.  I have reset the watch and it still drains.  I have lost 3% of battery in 30 minutes.  My watch is not "always on" and I shouldn't have to turn off my bluetooth or any other things that make this watch a "smart watch".  If I wanted a regular watch, I wouldn't have spent over $200.00 for this one.  The software version currently on my watch is R830XXU1DUH1.  This is extremely frustrating when I read that people have had their watches for a few years with no issues, yet here I am with my battery life not staying up to par.  Any suggestions other than what I keep reading?

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