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Watch / Health / Strava dilemma --

(Topic created: 05-08-2022 07:38 AM)
Galaxy Watch

I have had the Watch4 since it came out - and since it came out - I have been trying to resolve an issue regarding Strava.   That it automatically adds about 15% to the run every time I run.   For about a year -- Samsung pushes me to sHealth - sHealth pushing me to Strava - and strava says it's a samsung issue.   The issue has been well documented for a couple years - and for some reason no one wants to actually fix the issue.   

So - to get accurate measurements - I have been defaulting to use the VERY limited Strava app on the watch - that is almost devoid of any features - other than it's accuracy on run.   None of the health sensors that made me want to get the watch in the first place - does the strava app have access to.. but at least I can keep my 3 years of data on the #1 running app in tact.      That being said -- after running a 1/2 marathon in nyc 2 weeks ago -- the bluetooth failed, and it simply LOST the run.    The watch doesn't store anything and if a sync fails on the strava app on the phone - - that's it -- run gone.   

Then - to add insult to injury - on a 6m run around central park yesterday in the rain -- somehow the rain stopped the strava run.   Because it has a simple push the screen to end mechanism instead of slide to end or anything like that -- so mid-way thru my run - - the watch just stopped.    

So - I am selling my watch - and going back to a garmin ...   I REALLY wanted to keep this watch.  I like everything else about it -- the cell service is good, the speed, the battery life.. all good!    But if I can't use it to track runs --  I have no real reason to keep it - - and samsung just doesn't seem to care.   as I have found posts dating back YEARS addressing this issue.  

Sorry for the long post -- just really disappointed - and thought MAYBE someone from Samsung would see this.

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