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Watch calendar not syncing with iPhone´s iOS Calendar

Hello community,

Anyone having issues with your watch calendar not syncing with iPhone Calendar after the first setup?

I wonder why only it happens with iPhone calendar since a friend of mine, with the same watch, but using an Android mobile, is syncing correctly all events updated on his Outolook calendar --> mobile calendar --> watch calendar. Both ways!

Anything he changes on the watch is fastly updated both on his mobile and on his PC Windows Outlook calendar.

I took a look on his watch calendar app and he has the possibility to add new events directly on the watch! Mine does not have this option!!

And worst, after the first setup of my watch, the only instance that the watch syncs the calendar with my iPhone, I dont receive any updates from my iPhone calendar. So, it´s totally useless!

How can a company such as Samsung release an app with that kind of problem? Havent they tried/tested it before releasing to their customers?

How long does it take to fix such an annoying drawback?

Come on, guys! Fix it! For yesterday!