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Watch keeps disconnecting from bluetooth on my phone


As I connect my watch to my phone in the morning, I can go about the day getting notifications and receiving health updates.
However, out of the blue, the phone disconnects from the watch and I need to physically take out my phone and reconnect it to the watch by opening the app and pressing connect again (it doesn't automatically connect when near for some reason) or I need to restart Bluetooth, or even in some bad cases, restart my phone, to get it to connect back again. Generally restarting the watch doesn't do much. More annoying enough is, that whenever the phone receives a notification, there is a chance that it disconnects my watch before sending the notification and thus I don't know what alert I just received.
I want to find a way to ensure that whenever my Bluetooth is on, I can automatically connect the watch to the phone without opening the app and fiddling with the settings.
My phone model: Honor 7x
Watch model: Galaxy watch active 1