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Watch screen showed flashing static now won't turn on

(Topic created on: 12/13/20 10:35 AM)
Galaxy Watch

Last night before bed I was checking stats on my Galaxy Active watch. It was at about 30% battery life. I clicked on my steps for more info, and the screen looked like a staticy tv screen. It flashed the static off and on and vibrated each time it flashed. It wouldn't respond to anything. I took it off and left it on a table until this morning. It wouldn't do anything this morning, so I placed it on the charger. It vibrated as I placed it there, but the screen still didn't show anything.


It's been several hours. It now just shows a black screen with no response to being placed on the charger or pressing/holding buttons. I have had it for about a year. 

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Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator
Galaxy Watch

Thank you for reaching out. I would recommend a service repair. Can you please provide me with the following information in a private message: http://bit.ly/2JH2rq2


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