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Watch3 Distance Incorrect

I received my Watch3 a couple of days ago and have had 3 long walking workout sessions and the distance, speeds and pacing data is way off in the workouts. On the auto tracked workouts the data appears to be accurate


Workouts I Initiated (All "Walking" Workout):

1. Duration: 1:52:15, Distance: 2.25 mi, Steps: 11,758, Avg. Speed: 1.2 mph

2. Duration: 1:42:44, Distance: 2.39 mi, Steps: 10,788, Avg. Speed: 1.3 mph

3. Duration: 1:59:07, Distance 1.64 mi, Steps: 12,506, Avg. Speed: 0.8 mph


All of the auto generated workouts seem in line with: Duration: 0:20:43, Distance: 0.61 mi, Steps: 1,407, Avg. Speed: 2.4


For comparison, the last workout I did with my Galaxy Active before switching had the following data:

Duration: 1:35:18, Distance: 4.45 mi, Steps: 9,692, Avg. Speed: 2.8 mph


I've tried rebooting the watch on several occassions. Resetting it as well and nothing seems to help. Any ideas?