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Water damage on Galaxy Watch?

(Topic created on: 1/14/21 11:09 PM)
Galaxy Watch

I had a Galaxy Watch that was less than 2 months out of warranty.  It stopped accepting any charge although it tried to reboot using what appeared to be the correct screen.  When I sent it in, they said is was water damage and wanted $200.  I baby all my Samsung phones and watches.  The watch wasn't dropped and was never submerged in water. I live in the desert so it didn't get rained on.  I don't recall ever splashing  a significant amount of water on it.  If I got any water drops on it, I wiped it off quickly.  So I don't understand why this watch with its alledged water resistance was diagnosed with water damage.  I certainly didn't expect a warranty repair, but the water damage diagnosis seems questionable.  (the support person I talked to was in no mood to discuss why they decided on water damage).   Can anyone maybe clarify for me?

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