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Wearing watch over hand brace. always on display?

(Topic created on: 3/2/21 12:17 PM)
Galaxy Watch

I have carpal tunnel and ever so often I have to wear one of tbose hand/wrist brace things to help. Just one of the thin stretchy ones. Nothing thick. But when I wear it the always on display no longer works. It doeant sense its against my arm and doesnt stay on.  Juat as if I take it off and lay it down it will go black screen and I have to press a button to turn it on. I don't want to use the motion to turn it on. It will be turning on all the time with my work and would run battery down. Amy suggestions or am I just out of luck when I need to wear it?


And I do have problems with both my wrist and  sometimes wear a brace on both wrist so putting it on the other wrist wont help all the time. 


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