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Whatsapp messages don't show up or vibrate

(Topic created: 11-17-2022 07:09 PM)
Galaxy Watch
Have Galaxy 5 Pro paired with Samsung S20 ultra. All latest updates.

When received whatsapp message, I expect watch to vibrate and show the message briefly, just like regular SMS. But it does not happen.

I DO receive whatsapp message and notification count increases (so no connection problem), but there is no vibration or other indication. I have to look at the watch, notice notification count and then swipe right to see actual content of whatsapp message 😞

I do have Whatapp app notification enabled, I tried both "show notification when phone is in use" and "not in use".
I tried with "turn on screen" and without.
I tried rebooting watch and phone. I tried Uninstalling and installing back the whatsapp app on the phone.

Nothing works! 

I also have Garmin Vivoactive3 and whatsapp works there as I expected above, with vibration and show on screen.

I have also Viber and Telegram working just fine.
But Whatsapp drives me nuts 😞

How do I fix it?
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