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Where is my money?

(Topic created: 07-20-2021 11:42 PM)
Galaxy Watch
So I had to send in my galaxy watch 3 multiple times only to have them say they need to get me a new one because they cant repair it... but it doesn't end there, they didn't have anything in stock so they said I'd be getting my money back. I've now been waiting for almost a month without any updates on where my check is at. They said there was multiple issues that came up during the process but im at my witts end with this situation.  I've been told from five different people ten different stories...  SEND ME MY MONEY SAMSUNG. this is ridiculous on so many levels. 
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Galaxy Watch
Good luck they did the same thing to me with a pair of their Bluetooth headset and I never got nothing now every time I post about the Galaxy watch 3 not getting blood pressure monitoring like they promised they tell me I'm spamming and they keep her moving my post they're a bunch of communist stealing our money and censoring us I'm never buying Samsung again I wish you the best.