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Why doesn't the "every 10 minutes" heart rate option work??

(Topic created on: 2/25/21 1:28 PM)
Galaxy Watch

I would like to see my heart rate every 10 minutes, so that is what I have selected in my settings. My watch has NEVER given me a heart rate every 10 minutes, even when I'm sleeping. At night, it usually is around every 60 minutes, give or take 10/20/30 minutes. During the day, it is every more random (although I realize I am moving around more during the day, and it apparently can't check HR when you're moving... which is the stupidest thing I've ever heard of when using this as a fitness device.) Is there something I'm missing here to make this work properly? Or am I misunderstanding what "every 10 minutes" means?

This is for both an Active 2 watch and a Watch 3. Support keeps telling me that the watch needs service but then not actually fixing anything. I've already purchased two Active 2's and sent the 2nd one in for service twice, and then purchased a Watch 3 hoping that it would work right, but it's exactly the same.

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