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Why has my watch not shipped?

(Topic created: 11-29-2021 08:43 AM)
Galaxy Watch
I ordered a watch and a couple other things  on Nov.16 2021. I received the extra band in a couple days, but here it is Nov 30th and my order still shows "in process". It has said that since I ordered it. The first date they gave for delivery was Nov. 30th. It has since been changed to Dec. 10th. I mean REALLY?!? I have called several times and all they can tell me at first is that it will deliver to me on Nov 30th if not before. Then I saw the Dec 10th date, called again, and the supervisor "escalated" my order but I won't know anything for 3 business days. But she is going to follow my case and keep in touch with me..... Funny, that's what the first supervisor said and I haven't heard a word from her..... SO my question being is that the website claims the orders get shipped in 1-3 days but usually overnight.... what di I have to do to get my order like YESTERDAY?? Who can I talk to that actually has some authority there and can get something done??
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