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Worst Experience Ever

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Last year I bought a Samsung Galaxy smartwatch and I've had the worst experience ever. 

Everything was going fine well until my watch broke 7 or 8 months after buying it. When this happened I knew I was within my 1 year warranty and I could easily take it to either a Samsung store or mail it in to get it serviced. It has now been ten months since first shipping in my device to Samsung, and OVER A YEAR AND A HALF since my original purchase. Samsung is just now telling me that it cannot be repaired.


Over the last 10 months I have been shipping my Samsung Galaxy watch back and forth to the repair center and hope to get it repaired. The first three times I sent you back the last was entered in as the wrong device, therefor the repair team was unable to repair it and sent it back to me without calling me first. After this was discovered to be the issue I finally got a Samsung representative to enter my device and as the correct device. This should have resolved that issue however I could not provide them with an IMEI number to get my device repaired.


For those of you who are unaware Samsung devices cannot be repaired unless the IMEI number is present. The IMEI number can be retrieved one of three ways. It can be retrieved from the software settings on the device, physically from the device itself, or on the box that the device came in when it was purchased. My device stopped working because the backplate of the watch broke off, and the watch will not turn on. Apparently the IMEI number would have been on the part of the watch that happened to break off (horrible place to put such important information), and at this point I've already done the Box away because it had been seven or eight months.


To do a full recap, is now 10 months later I have send my watch back to Samsung 10 or 11 times, I was bent over 12 hours on the phone talking to Samsung Representatives about this device, and ultimately my device cannot be repaired because of a simple issue that is Samsung policy. I asked to have the make an exception to this policy since I am a Samsung customer with multiple devices, all registered online of over 7 years, I provided my proof of purchase of this device, and my watch simply had an issue of quality that is not allowing me to provide an IMEI number that their policy states needs to be present.


Ultimately Samsung has shown that they don't care about me as a customer by both wasting my many of my hours dealing with customer service, refusing to make an exception and repairing my device although my case is legitimate in a few different ways. As a customer I would highly suggest to any and all people that I know to not shop at Samsung. Based on my experience and their policy, if your device breaks if you or if your device's unrepairable they do not care and we'll waste your time and effort to provide a surface-level customer service. At this point I am being told that there is no one I can speak to about my customer service over the 10 or more phone calls I've had to make to fix this issue. I am also being told that nothing can be done and essentially it is best for me to stop calling. After spending good money on this device I only was able to use it for 7 or so months in Samsung does not seem to care about this at all.


Don't buy Samsung products save your money save your time.

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Galaxy Watch
If you login to you Samsung account and view this page online is your watch listed? All my my devices show there imei numbers when I expand them on this page.
Hopefully they will look at your case again and fix the situation.

Galaxy Watch

I just got my Watch4 3 hours ago. Long story short, Verizon is telling me the IMEI number is not compatible on their Network and the Samsung "Pro support" is telling me it is a Verizon issue and not a samsung issue. Maybe it is and maybe it is not but help me get it resolved!! Great customer service there!