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Your Smartwatch line of products, feedback from your target market...please read...

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Galaxy Watch

I'm calling to let you know that I am sending back to Amazon my recently purchased Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch 46mm which, this recent purchase being after 2 years after its initial launch, I got at a substantial discount, and am exchanging it for an EVEN OLDER Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch for an even greater discount from it's new price...AND HERE IS THE PRIMARY REASON WHY......NO MST (magnetic secure transmission) ON THE NEWER ONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

MST, for those reading this who don't know, is an apparently older technology that somehow "mimics" the magnetic strip on your credit card, and just by holding a phone or watch beside that magnetic strip allows one to pay "as if" meaning as if you swiped your credit card which works on virtually every merchant out there now as opposed to the rather limited "tap and pay" circles you see at only a limited number of vendors that is powered by NFS,  or near frequency communication. In fact, some merchants do not even realize that their little grey credit card terminal even has that cabability, the MST.

I'd much rather sacrifice a little batterly life as it the case with my new S3 (which by the way has both MST as well as NFC both like many Samsung phones) that I'm currently waiting to arrive, than to not have the ability to completely leave my smartphone behind and be able to depend on just the Smartwatch and maybe a pair of bluetooth earbuds to not only communicate completely... text, talk, etc., but TO BE ABLE TO PAY WITH IT AT VIRTUALLY EVERYWHERE NOW IN AMERICA!!!!!

The rest of the world may be ripe with NFC everywhere, but that's certainly not the case in arguably one of the biggest markets here in Dallas/Fort Worth.

What "blank blank" decided to omit this function on the new smartwatches, the MST???!!!

Do you do no research on the ground as to what market you're serving???!!!

Honestly, you make a great product, between you and all the other cheap chinese smartwatches the build quality and battery seem far superior, but this decision....at this time...makes or made no sense. 

I would probably guess that about 9 out of 10 places I visit, maybe even just 8, but even if it was 5 out of 10 places that have the NFS, that should be well enough reason to NOT ELIMINATE MST FROM THE PRODUCT LINE-UP JUST YET. 

So in order to fully utilize my Smartwatch, i.e. be able to just use it completely by itself without my cell phone, I have to live with old technology. Not that I would guess there's too much difference in the operating system of this 2016 S3 versus even your newest 2020 Galaxy, let alone the hardware specs. Newer ones seem to have a slightly faster processor and a bit more ram with battery varying primarily on the size of the watch you choose.  

In fact, I would like to also complain about the rather limited use of the Outlook App, and Ring App that I currently have installed on this Galaxy 46mm. If you're going to buddy up to Microsoft, which I prefer, with your own operating system, then make it function as much like an operating system giving better, fuller use of the apps you list. 

And I tell you something else, I don't know about the 6 or 8 smart watch faces you give me out of the box, but I'll be "blanked" if I'm going to give some watch face creator complete and open access to my device and its other apps just because I like the way it looks!  I'd rather pay money for it and keep my privacy. It is really outrageous what they ask for in the fine print!

There's an old saying a friend taught me long ago, "Blank that noise!" And I'm sure you can fill in the blank.

Go figure!


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Galaxy Watch
I agree about the MST function 100%!! I've used it in so many places where the cashier was astounded, or told me to hold it over the NFC reader, instead. They're typically blown away that the mag stripe reader communicates with the watch! I love my S3 Frontier.

I'm frustrated that one BIG box chain, Walmart, has chosen to deny Samsung and Google pay. It's worked just fine for several years, and now, chain-wide, it either doesn't, or soon won't. A cashier said Walmart was issuing their own card to take our money through, perhaps like Target's card that debits our bank acct, and pockets the card transaction fee, while also "giving" you a 5% discount, while they, then, sell your buying habits to advertisers.

MST is great, and far more universally accepted, over NFC. Now, if I could just find a gas pump that worked w/ my Frontier!